McLean Letter: What’s for Dinner?

McLean Letter: What’s for Dinner?

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I keep hearing about how unemployment numbers are down, but I also hear that, inexplicably, local, state and federal budgets are dismal. So are things improving, and is this improvement being done in a way that’s sustainable? For our busy family, our schedule means I do a mental calculus; “Cook, or just order-in?” With the price of groceries, it can be appealing to think that the easy path is the equal path.

But then, while watching my eleven year old slide the pasta into the boiling water-- playing his part to help make dinner--it hit me. In my son's modest way, he is actively helping our household save money. Through this simple chore of helping make dinner at home, he is helping me stay accountable to myself, and to our family budget.

And that is the very thing our government needs. I’m not sure I could blame the politicians if, in the face of lean times, they just threw up their hands and ordered out. I know I’ve done it. But the better course, the tougher path, is to use all the family’s strength and work ethic, and thereby economize.

And that is what Congresswoman Barbara Comstock's support of the Program Management Improvement and Accountability Act of 2015 does. She is working across party lines to make government more accountable to us.

Our friends and neighbors work for, and with, the federal government, so we know better than anyone that our government can streamline and improve efficiency. I read on Congresswoman Comstock’s website that this bill she supported, zeros-in on performance standards and improved communications from the feds. Good.

Good work Congressman Comstock. You’ve got my vote. Now … what’s for dinner?

Christina Howard