Centreville Letter: Heartfelt Thanks

Centreville Letter: Heartfelt Thanks

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

Given such glorious weather, it was impossible for Centreville Day to be anything other than successful. Centreville Day may not be a huge event, but it has a big heart.

The Centre View does a wonderful job of covering Centreville Day, but here are some acknowledgements you may not be aware of: we rely on the support of Supervisor Kathy Smith and the Sully District Police Department and we thank them sincerely for it. The support of our sponsors and vendors also make the day possible. Our heartfelt thanks to all; please see our website, www.centrevilleday.org, for a complete list.

We deeply appreciated the work of Scout Troop 577, who arrived before dawn to direct traffic, park vehicles, and help unload and set up booths. Other youthful volunteers included students from Cub Run Elementary School performed on stage while students from Stone Middle School (dressed in orange staff shirts) did numerous jobs big and small important for the day.

Thanks to all of the wonderful pets and their human companions for participating in the Rotary Club’s Second Annual Pet Parade and to everyone who participated in the American Legion Centreville Day Parade. Congratulations — ? — also go to Johnny Anderson, who was duly and unanimously elected Official Village Fool of Centreville.

I would be derelict if I did not mention the members of the Centreville Planning Committee who devote their creativity, energy, enthusiasm to making Centreville Day a great event. If you are interested in joining us to plan the next Centreville Day, please contact us at info@centrevilleday.org .

Of course it would all be for naught if no one came. So, many thanks to everyone who came out on the 15th. We hope you enjoyed the 24th Centreville Day and are looking forward to the 25th in 2017.

Cheryl-Ann Repetti

On Behalf of the Centreville Day Planning Committee