McLean Letter: Focus on Economy and National Security

McLean Letter: Focus on Economy and National Security

Letter to the Editor

To the Editor:

I am writing to express my support, and that of my family, for Congresswoman Barbara Comstock.

The most important issues facing those of us who live in Northern Virginia, and indeed the entire country, are the economy and national security. Our economy has been stagnant throughout this decade and is beginning to further weaken after years of meager, sub-standard growth. The threat of foreign and domestic terrorism is real and growing.

Congresswoman Comstock understands both of these important issues. During her time in Congress, she has focused on efforts to strengthen our economy and taken strong stands on issues of national security. We can count on her. Comstock sponsored the Research and Development Efficiency Act, legislation that would reduce federal regulatory burdens on important research and development projects that can lead to breakthrough innovations and most importantly - new jobs. She also co-sponsored legislation to make permanent a tax credit for research and development that will help support new jobs.

On national security, Comstock supports strong sanctions against dangerous state sponsors of terrorism like Iran, voted to give our troops a pay raise, and believes in a sensible and fair refugee policy that will keep Americans safe.

My family and I are proud to support Congresswoman Comstock for re-election because we believe she is working hard on the issues that matter to us.

Gordon Milbourn