Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Source For Taxes?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Source For Taxes?

Your editorials urging Virginia accept Federal money so it can provide health insurance to those who have none consistently fail to recognize the precarious source of the funds you seek.

Setting aside the rationale you use to justify that it’s a government responsibility to provide health care, why should taxpayers in other states pay for Virginia residents’ health insurance (i.e., taxpayers in other states whose tax remittances to the Federal government are then redistributed to Virginia)?

Also, is there any limit to what you want these non-resident taxpayers to fund for the benefit of Virginia residents? Doesn’t the notion strike you as an unseemly form of beggar thy neighbor?

And what happens when there is not enough money from non-Virginia taxpayers to continue paying health insurance for certain Virginia residents? Do you then urge the Federal government to go further into debt so it can continue funding it?

Surely you are aware of the serious and growing fiscal crisis confronting the nation due to the Federal government’s inability to live within its means? At some point, likely sooner rather than later, cuts to Federal spending will occur.

Without any, projections are the Federal government by 2024 will have only enough money to fund entitlements (e. g., social security, Medicare and Medicaid), and nothing else including the Constitutional mandate to defend the nation.

To give balance to your editorials in which you consistently demand more benefits from your government, whether Federal, state or local, I urge you to identify at least the means by which more wealth can be created.

More wealth means there is more revenue to tax and, therefore, more money for governments at all levels to spend.

Jimm Roberts