Opinion: Letter to the Editor: County’s Unfunded Pension Liability

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: County’s Unfunded Pension Liability

First, I offer my sincere thanks to Jay Spiegel, a faithful writer on these pages. Much beneficial attention is brought to matters of community importance as a result of Jay’s insight and focus.

In the July 6 Gazette, Jay provided a thoughtful discussion of the first 18 months in office for Dan Storck, our Mount Vernon District Supervisor. Jay could have included the very concerning reports that Fairfax County has an unfunded pension liability of over $2 billion and growing. In fact, Supervisor Pat Herrity of a neighboring district has been working to get public attention directed to this major issue. To my knowledge Supervisor Storck has been silent on this matter.

Jay suggests that our supervisor is distracted by his business interests, although supervisors are paid $95,000 per year to pay attention to county matters. Perhaps Supervisor Storck is planning to fix the pension problem with another tax increase proposal such as the recent and ill-advised meals tax. If so, I hope Supervisor Storck will redirect his efforts to a more responsible approach to financial management. We can't afford the path we're on now.

Wayne Meeks