Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Clear Choice

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Clear Choice

As Virginia’s June 13 primary approaches, the choice for the Republican nominee is clear: Ed Gillespie.

Ed knows what Virginia needs to start growing again, putting forward policies to cut Virginians’ taxes, restore faith in our government, improve how our state government operates, boost job creation, and support small businesses.

Ed understands the challenges in running a small business. He began his career working in the Senate as a parking attendant, working his way to becoming a counselor to President George W. Bush, and then built up his own small businesses.

As Ed knows, supporting small business and reducing barriers for success, is the way to drive the economy. His plan of action will ensure Virginia's small business community, the engine which moves our economy forward, will succeed and benefit us all.

Through his experiences, he is ready to be an effective Governor. He believes that the next generations of Virginians should have the opportunity to do better than the one that came before it. He’s put forward, substantive, detailed policies that will get Virginia growing again.

Shari Simmans