Opinion: Letter to the Editor: 'Groundhog Day'

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: 'Groundhog Day'

I read with interest and slight amazement the recent article which dedicated three pages to traffic problems on the GW Parkway entitled “Parkway Problems Will Get Worse.” While I agree that there is speeding on the parkway and enforcement would be a relatively easy way to solve most of the problems, the road was built as a scenic parkway.

Our elected officials have not solved the issues on the other major north-south arteries in our district, yet they bemoan and wonder about the spillover effects on this scenic artery and the impact on the local residents. It's as if they are removed from the problem, yet they are the same politicians who have been in office for years.

Instead of having a front page photo op with state Sen. Surovell and Del. Krizek pointing at the parkway, perhaps they should have been pointing to the sky? The 100-plus decibel airplane superhighway that is now running right through our district is the latest problem given to us by our federal government, and it is met with absolute silence from our local, state and federal leaders and even this newspaper. When will there be action — not words and photo ops?

The parkway article complains about lane sizes and other minor infrastructure issues, yet we have a wide open sky with no impediments over our head and the ability to change the air traffic with the flip of a switch. However, due to inaction by our leaders, a single lane of deafening aircraft noise is impacting our neighborhoods every 2-3 minutes for almost 20 hours daily. Congressman Beyer has "sent a letter." but it is mere lip service to his constituents. Our gerrymandered political system will continue to allow entrenched politicians to remain in their jobs while it continues to be Groundhog Day in the Mount Vernon District on our roads and in the sky over our heads. It is time for photo ops, lip service and "studies" to end — and action to begin.

Chris Fulghum