Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Free DASH Rides for TC Students

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Free DASH Rides for TC Students

The City of Alexandria announced last week that the taxpayer-subsidized DASH bus system would provide free rides to T. C. Williams’ students. Further, students would be allowed to ride fare-free not only to and from school on school days but at all other dates and times during the school year.

The City of Alexandria argued, when the King Street bicycle lanes were constructed taking property and parking from adjacent landowners, that these lanes were needed for T. C. Williams students traveling to and from school. Now that this student bicycle ridership has not occurred and the taxpayers are subsidizing student transportation, will the city remove these bicycle lanes and restore King Street to its original condition and purpose?

It makes me wonder what the next step is. If the DASH bus ridership does not develop, as the bicycle ridership did not, will the city offer free limousine service or Uber rides to T. C. Williams students?

And why is a similar benefit not being extended to students at Bishop Ireton, Episcopal, St Stephens & St Agnes, and other private schools in the city?

M. T. Monson Jr.