Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Column As an Inspiration

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Column As an Inspiration

As a regular reader of Kenneth Lourie's "Cancer Column," I'd like to request the Editor to please consider giving the column a much-deserved face-lift. The Connection needs to shed more light on Lourie's illuminating accounts of dealing with the deadly disease, and overcoming the odds, instead of burying it in the shadow of the Business Directory with an Obituary-like black border! Also, a color profile picture would breathe new life into these weekly gems. I understand, Lourie is an Ad/Sales Representative, but more importantly, he is a Survivor and an inspiration to us all.

Considering the other cancers plaguing our society — fake news, mass shootings, and reality shows that are anything but real to most of us — it is all the more urgent to highlight real-life, first-hand accounts from people like Lourie who are fighting the real fight. If, perhaps, we read such stories of courage and positive determination, it could inspire a sorely-needed dose of consideration, empathy, and kindness in our community, or at the very least, give us a much-needed reality-check.

To Mr. Lourie, thank you for sharing your story every week, and wishing you continued strength...

Shaila Muralidhar

Great Falls