Retreat for Caregivers in Potomac

Retreat for Caregivers in Potomac

Opportunity to practice self-care.

When caregiving turns to grieving, what’s next?

That is the question Hospice Care, Inc. plans to address during the Weekend Retreat Friday through Sunday at Rockwood Manor Retreat Center in Potomac.

“We find that very often when people are primary caregivers for a loved one it becomes their whole life,” said Allison Stearns, executive director of Hospice Caring, Inc. “Often, when grieving, they need to rebuild their identity, and feel isolated.”

Colleen Luzier, a member of the Hospice Caring, Inc. board, was herself once a caregiver and she recommended the idea of the retreat to the organization, Stearns said.

She and her husband Ron Luzier donated funds to make the idea a reality and the weekend, overnight retreat is free for all participants.

During the weekend, offered to family and friend caregivers whose loved one has died within the past two years, participants will be able to connect with others who “get it” and have “walked in your shoes,” according to a press release from Hospice Caring, Inc.

Participants will also have the opportunity to practice self-care and relaxation, share their caregiving experiences, and learn how to refocus now that the time of caregiving has ended.

There will also be a time to commemorate loved ones.

Hospice Caring, Inc. offers patient and family services and adult and child bereavement services and community education, Stearns said.

“Community education is to help build capacity – to give people the tools to know where resources are and strategies to share,” Stearns said. “We bring people together and nurture them.”

All of Hospice Caring, Inc. services are free of charge, funded by philanthropy, Stearns said. They welcome referrals.

“We are a grass roots caring organization in [Montgomery County],” she said.

For information on the retreat or any other services offers by Hospice Caring, Inc. call 301-869-4673 or visit