Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Demand End to Gerrymandering

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Demand End to Gerrymandering

No matter where we stand on the political spectrum, the possibility that anyone interferes or tampers in our elections is unacceptable. Meanwhile, gerrymandering continues to mess with all our elections.

Gerrymandering is drawing voting districts to expand the impact of some votes and shrink others. In 2019, Virginians will elect 100 state delegates and 40 state senators. In 2020 another national census will be taken, and in 2021 the incumbents elected in 2019 (with more influence from the majority party) will draw voting maps that favor their own re-election. Having incumbents draw their own districts is a serious conflict of interest. Unless we find a fairer way, this process will be repeated in 2029, 2031, and so on.

You can help by identifying which candidates favor fair redistricting, voting for them, and checking out OneVirginia2021.org. where you (like more than 80,000 other Virginians) can send a message to your representatives demanding an independent commission to apportion districts fairly.

Karen Scarfone