Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Democracy Threatened

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Democracy Threatened

I remain very concerned about the Supreme Court Nomination, particularly in light of the recently released recording of Representative Nunes revealing the RNC's strategy with regard to ending the Mueller investigation. The American people deserve to know [what] the nominee to the Supreme Court, the highest court in the land, [said] under oath to the Senate in order to get his last judgeship.

Additionally, [the administration of] our current president is under investigation for conspiracy with a foreign government to throw an election. Every day we discover new facts, many of them on tape, which further erode our faith that "checks and balances" are currently in place to prevent the complete destruction of our democracy. Allowing Mr. Trump to choose the man who will ultimately be charged with deciding if a sitting president can be indicted is simply not acceptable. I very much appreciate the integrity of my representatives and will work tirelessly to get you reelected. Please continue the fight on our behalf. #ReleaseTheRecords

Sue Gleason