Opinion: Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to Representative Comstock

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: An Open Letter to Representative Comstock

Representative Comstock:

I am a lifelong Republican and voted for you in the past two elections, but I feel compelled to speak up about what is happening to our country.

After more than 18 months in office our President continues to assault our democracy on almost a daily basis. Whether it’s defending Russia and their attack on our elections, alienating our allies, attacking immigrant families, obstructing justice, sullying the reputation of the country and the presidency at home and around the world, or, now, trying to punish those who speak out against his actions, this President appears willing to use whatever power is available for his own personal aggrandizement and protection.

This is made much worse by the fact that the organization charged with primary responsibility for checking this abuse of power, the U. S. Congress, is apparently missing in action. It is far past time for our representatives in government to speak out against these abuses and to let this administration know that they must operate in the interests of the entire country, not only their personal desires and those of the minority that constitutes their “base”.

I recognize that the midterm elections are approaching and that there may be some political risk associated with standing up to President Trump, but I sincerely hope that your primary motivation in seeking office is to do what is best for our country and not what is most likely to win an election. It’s time to do the right thing and to speak out forcefully against this administration and to exercise your oversight powers.

I, and I believe many other Republicans, are looking to our elected representatives to actually “represent.”. If you feel compelled to follow the “lead” of this president rather than try to help steer the Ship of State in a more democratic, and frankly more American, direction, we will have no choice but to send a clear message in November that we are more than dissatisfied with our representation.

David Pope

Great Falls