Opinion: Letter to the Editor: For a Good Cause

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: For a Good Cause

The Safeway of the 500 block of South Royal Street is in its midst of its annual "Holiday Bucks" Donation Drive for the holidays. It started on Nov. 18, runs throughout December, and ends on the 25th.

This community outreach for a good cause is helping fill a goal of supporting our local Food Pantry within our community, southside of Old Town Alexandria.

Donating a dollar, $5 and or $10 to the program this holiday season will help to make the holiday season brighter for those less fortunate.

Constance Julius, Safeway’s store director, says this is something the Safeway has been doing for a while but this year is different; previously the Holiday Buck drive was distributed throughout city. This year all donations will stay within the area of this store’s location. She appreciates the support of this program by the store’s customers.

Silas Fortune of Safeway credits the store’s cashiers for all their effort for this worthy cause. As of Tuesday, Nov. 27, the store has raised $6,270.76 toward its goal of $8,000 to $10,000.

A dollar can go a long way to help.

Activist Geri Baldwin