Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Defect In Repaving

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Defect In Repaving

The following letter is addressed to Councilmember Andrew Friedson (District 1).

Andrew — Welcome to your first weeks in office. As a 30-plus year resident of Potomac I am calling upon you as our newest district County Council member to assist with the following issue.

As you are probably well aware, Falls Road has recently been repaved by the State Highway department. Although it is nice to have a smooth surface to drive on, I see the potential for some serious accidents from the ponding of waters along the road.

I urge you to seek out the Maryland State Highway along with the Montgomery County Transportation department to see if inspectors have reviewed this defect in the repaving process and are going to remedy the situation.

The new paving in many areas is now higher than the sides causing water to stand after a rain in many areas, this past weekend can really make the case for the problem. With the potential of future snow storms, it will even be worse with ice on the road.

Since I live on Eldwick Way — the area at the intersection with Falls Road and Eldwick has a large stream of water going across the road most of the time and when it freezes a danger exist. Similar issues exist all along Falls Road especially around the Falls Road golf course.

On a second Falls Road traffic issue. While many have gotten use to the constant backups going towards Rockville at the intersection of Falls Road and Tuckerman Lane/Falls Chapel because of the poor timing of the traffic lights, another light now with a constant backup going toward Potomac Village has been created since the paving. I believe that the timing at Falls and South Glen/Democracy has been changed and the traffic backup there is terrible. The amount of time and fuel that Potomac drivers waste at these two traffic lights is unreasonable and should be corrected.

Thank you and I look forward to hearing from you.

Allan S. Cohen