Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Frustration Turned to Hope

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Frustration Turned to Hope

This is a story of frustration turned to hope. In November last year I sent a check certified through the USPS, it was lost. A month later I stopped payment on it and sent another check certified, unbelievably the second check was also lost. After several phone calls and hours on hold with the USPS, I was told that they were not liable for the lost letters or for the $70 that I had to pay to stop payment. The rep told me if I was unhappy to contact my congressman, so I did the next best thing.

This is where the story turns to one of hope, Tom Barton, the Clifton postmaster recognizing my frustration agreed to send the third check "overnight" at no cost to me. I dropped by my local delegate, Tim Hugo's office and met with his District Director, Michelle Baker, who took the information and said she would begin working on getting me compensation.

Michelle contacted Tom who informed her he would write a letter to my bank stating that the USPS had lost my letters and ask them to forgo the surcharge. Michelle also contacted the BB&T bank at Union Mill and spoke with Jackie, Karen, Nabila and Mo who agreed to waive the charges.

Michelle also followed up with a phone to me in the evening (way after working hours) to see how things were proceeding – above and beyond her duties.

While I am disappointed with the response I received from USPS, I have restored faith in our system due to the hard work of these individuals.

Karen Floyd