Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Decline Corporate Donations

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Decline Corporate Donations

To the Editor:

Dear City Councilmembers and Candidates,

For too long now, special interests, including private developers, have tried to influence our elections. I believe — and I know you do too — that the interests of each and every Alexandrian is as important, if not more important, than the interest brought by private corporations operating our city.

Today, I request your assistance in restoring the public's confidence in local politics. I ask you, fellow Democrats, to join me in taking a principled stand. My campaign will never — now or in the future — accept donations from private corporations. I ask you to join me in refusing campaign contributions from private corporations. Let's make sure this election truly puts the

citizens of our great city first.

I look forward to your responses.

Mo Seifeldein


City Council candidate Mo Seifeldein, Tuesday, Dec. 26, urged fellow Democratic candidates for the City of Alexandria Council to take a stand in rejecting contributions from developers and other private companies.