Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Erosion Of Freedoms

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Erosion Of Freedoms

In two weeks, section 702 of FISA is set to expire. Section 702 allows for warrantless surveillance of American citizens. This rule clearly violates both the letter and spirit of the 4th amendment and does little to keep our country safe. I urge Congress to let this provision expire and end the authority granted by the provision before it is abused further.

If you decide to renew it, please support the bipartisan USA RIGHTS Act (S1997, HR4124). This bill provides oversight that protects citizens from intrusive searches on our personal data. It has support from both parties. I encourage Congress to vote for this bill.

In our efforts to keep this country safe, we cannot allow the erosion of the freedoms that set us apart nor turn our backs on the values that define us.

Phillip Sticha