Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Misleading Impression

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Misleading Impression

We always read the Connection Newspapers with interest, especially since we moved to senior living at The Jefferson in Arlington. The Jefferson is an independent living, senior living, residential condominium. The buildings include with two floors of quality Recovery, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Memory Care healthcare facilities which are legally separate from The Jefferson Residential Condominium. The current ratings of all entities are stellar.

I was impressed to see a full page, out-of-state advertisement prominently located on page 2 of the July 11-17, 2018 edition of The Arlington Connection. Congratulations on the revenue this should be providing.

The advertisement was about The Jefferson’s healthcare aspects, but indicted all entities in the buildings. Reading the advertisement carefully, I found it might be technically accurate, but was highly misleading. When I went to the included link to view “the full inspection results and severity of these deficiencies…” I found it documented old, reported, and resolved issues.

As with any operation, not everything is always perfect. The “failures” highlighted in the Connection Newspaper advertisement are unfortunately common throughout the healthcare industry. Mistakes happen. They get corrected and we move on. Each of the “failures” cited happened, were promptly corrected, and sometimes staff was changed. That is how it should be. This full page advertisement, however, creates a misleading impression and damages the image of The Jefferson as a whole while trying to incite litigation. The hundreds of upscale independent living condominium owners that make up most of The Jefferson were indirectly slandered. Sad.

Linc Cummings

President, The Jefferson Residential Condominium