Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Fighting for The Vulnerable

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Fighting for The Vulnerable

In many ways, human and sex trafficking is the hidden scourge of our time. It’s hard to talk about, but it’s a real problem — even right here in our region. Congresswoman Barbara Comstock hasn’t been afraid to take on this pressing issue. And her work is yielding results.

Comstock supported legislation that recently led to the seizure of the seedy website Backpage.com. Backpage was known as a haven for human and sex trafficking, but under recently passed anti-trafficking legislation passed by Congress, the site was seized by federal law enforcement. The founders and operators now face dozens of indictments.

Shutting down Backpage is a significant action that will slow the growth of sex trafficking in the United States.

Comstock’s record of accomplishment doesn’t stop there. She’s voted dozens of times to tighten our sex trafficking laws, protect victims, and direct more resources toward battling this monstrous industry.

This proven track record of fighting for the vulnerable is part of why I’ll proudly support Congresswoman Comstock for re-election this year.

Miriam Munoz