Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Pruitt as A Hero?

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Pruitt as A Hero?

When I read the letter to the editor, “Pruitt as Hero” [Gazette Packet, July 19], I was scanning ahead waiting for the punch-line.

Aside from the extensive corruption and graft he perpetrated on the American people, Scott Pruitt will be remembered as one of the worst EPA administrators ever. While I could list more than 76 rules or executive orders issued under Pruitt and Trump’s administration that will harm our air and water, I will suffice to say the EPA under Pruitt has done more harm to this country that will negatively affect our lives and our children for years to come.

I would urge readers to educate themselves and do the research to understand the real impact of the damage Pruitt has caused. The EPA under Pruitt has effectively rolled back regulations on Clean Air, Clean Water, denies Climate Change, allows previously banned pesticides known to cause cancer back into the marketplace and pulls the U.S. out of the Paris Climate Agreement.

These are only a few of the rules, regulations and policies this administration and Pruitt have effectively gutted allowing big business to again begin dumping and polluting all in the name of dollars and shareholder value. At what point do we stand-up and recognize the lasting damage the EPA is doing to the long-term well being of our children?

Geoff Stone