Letter to the Editor: Goal: To Benefit City Residents

Letter to the Editor: Goal: To Benefit City Residents

We are writing to express our support for re-electing Allison Silberberg as Alexandria's mayor. During her three years as mayor, as well as during her earlier service on council, Allison has shown an unrelenting willingness to tackle the tough issues facing the city in a manner that benefits all citizens and makes Alexandria a more livable city.

Across the city Allison has supported residents rather than developers who are pushing excessive development of our neighborhoods while opposing those who favor too much density, too little parking, and inadequate city facilities, such as schools and parks. Allison favors inclusivity and has demonstrated a willingness to listen to everyone rather than shutting the average citizen out of important city debates.

Allison has sought to resolve tough issues, such as ending the environmentally destructive dumping of untreated sewage into the Potomac, rather than kicking the proverbial can further into the future. Allison supports planting street trees at a faster pace to restore the city's dying tree canopy. Allison understands the importance of historic preservation to Alexandria's uniqueness to its residents as well as tourists. The list goes on and on, but common to everything on it is Allison's leadership to solve the tough issues facing Alexandria rather than avoiding them or pretending they do not exist.

Carolyne Roehrenbeck

Bert Ely