Letter to the Editor: Overhaul City Council

Letter to the Editor: Overhaul City Council

We need to reelect Mayor Allison Silberberg and elect six new council members who will bring with them fresh ideas on how to protect our natural environment, increase affordable housing, improve our public schools, and develop our city in a way that sustains its historic character and the environment.

The current crop of incumbents has not shown adequate leadership to be reelected and some of them have been in office long enough. There should be a three-term limit. Long-term incumbency is a rot on the political system.

Justin Wilson, who is running against Silberberg for mayor, and his incumbent Democratic colleagues on council have done everything in their power to undermine Mayor Silberberg during her first term on council. She listens to citizens and better represents the interests of the city as a whole. In contrast, Wilson and his fellow incumbents have aligned themselves with the developers and business interests, as most Alexandria City Councils have done since before the Civil War.

This is problematic to say the least.

If their version of smart development were the answer, we would have more than enough parkland for our growing population, for instance. We don’t. Their policies are clearly not providing adequate affordable housing or preserving what little natural habitat we have left in the city, either.

I urge you to pick six new candidates and re-elect Mayor Silberberg when you cast your vote on June 12. I personally endorse Robert Ray, whom I have known for decades. I think he will make a fine council member.

It’s time for some real change.

Andrew Macdonald

Former Vice Mayor