Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Convincing Argument

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Convincing Argument

I was amused by Jay Spiegel’s letter to the editor in the March 8 issue of the Mount Vernon Gazette. In it, he purports to uncover the “true motivation” (his words) behind state Sen. Scott Surovell’s opposition to legislation concerning home-schooled students — legislation which never made it out of committee this year in Richmond.

Spiegel suspects that it stems from endorsements Senator Surovell received from the Virginia Education Association and the Virginia Federation of Teachers and an award from the Fairfax Education Association. This is, apparently, a bad thing in Mr. Spiegel’s mind and he calls on voters to hold Senator Surovell accountable in the next election.

Thank you for this information Mr. Spiegel. Many of Senator Surovell’s constituents and I are more likely to vote for him now.

Carol Cooke