Opinion: Letter to the Editor: XIV Amendment - Another View

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: XIV Amendment - Another View

Thank Mary Kimm for sharing Representative Connolly’s letter to the President telling him that his proposal to end “birthright citizenship” is “patently unconstitutional” (“Most Important Election, So Far?” -- Connection, November 1-7, 2018).

It may also be of interest to the readers, and you, that the 14th Amendment was specifically ratified in 1868, to apply to the slaves who were freed by the 13th Amendment which was ratified in 1865. It was not meant to apply to every pregnant female tourist or illegal interloper that visits the US. The part of the 14th Amendment most liberals ignore or misinterpret is “and subject to the jurisdiction thereof.” Folks who arrive here from other countries are subject to the jurisdiction of their homeland, not the State they are visiting. They are subject to the laws of the State, but not the jurisdiction. Of course, politicians control the definition of words, so the words of the Constitution can mean anything. Remember we once knew what “marriage” meant, and “female” and “male.” Now everything is a “spectrum.”

Gene Phillip

Great Falls

Ed. note: This issue is more complicated than this letter, or U.S. Rep. Connolly’s note last week, reflect.