Opinion: Letter to the Editor: What Kaine Victory Means

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: What Kaine Victory Means

The environment retained a steady ally in Congress for the next six years with the re-election of U.S. Sen. Tim Kaine. Over his first term, Senator Kaine has proven himself to be a strong and consistent advocate for clean air and water, and public lands. Over his next term, he has the opportunity to continue to lead on the environment and further move the needle forward on climate action.

Kaine’s continued leadership will be necessary to defend our natural resources from a Trump Administration that’s increasingly hostile toward climate action and environmental protection. Kaine easily defeated his opponent in this race who would have been a rubberstamp on this toxic, anti-environmental agenda, which suggests protecting the environment is becoming an increasingly motivating factor for Virginia voters.

As an established leader, Kaine has a unique opportunity to position Virginia at the forefront of the environmental fight. Climate change impacts Hampton Roads more than any other region in the nation other than New Orleans. Natural gas pipelines threaten hundreds of miles of rural landscape and our water quality. And the Bay is at a make-or-break point in its ongoing restoration.

I know Kaine is up to the task in standing up for Virginians in the environmental fights to come and I wish him a hearty “congratulations” on a well-earned victory.

Kit Norland