Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Farewell to the Patrons of the Reston Regional Library

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Farewell to the Patrons of the Reston Regional Library

After 35 years in children's services and 20 years at the Reston Regional Library, on Nov. 13, 2018, my treasured sidekick of 32 Years, Busia Bear (Some older children may call him a three handed puppet who can wave, hug and blow kisses, but he has always and always will be real to me.) and I hibernated into retirement!

From our monthly evening Family Story Times together to outreach programs at the Greater Reston Arts Center and the Embry Rucker Shelter; from Busia Bear's Annual Film Festival and “Noon” Year’s Eve Extravaganza to his Bewitching Halloween Ball, and everyone’s eager participation in his Jingle Bell Orchestra, oh, wasn’t it wondrous? Wasn’t it fun?

Every story time is great but sometimes they are magic! Thank you, dear parents and children for sharing in the magic for all these years! It has been my privilege, my honor and above all, my great joy to present to you what I considered to be the best in children’s books and stories and song and, yes, enthusiastic reader’s advisory. I was humbled by your continuous support and want you to know that as Busia Bear and I settle down for a long winter’s nap, we shall be warmed by the memory of our times together.

Let us end with a poem that often ended many of our story times. Written almost 100 years ago by Strickland Gillilan, it will always speak to each new generation: “You may have tangible wealth untold: Caskets of jewels and coffers of gold. Richer than I you can never be, I had a mother (I had a father; I had parents) who read to me.” And just when you think that great books are no longer being written, well they most certainly are and continue to be found at the Reston Regional Library! So, Read On, my dear library patrons and friends! A Wonder-FALL to you all!


Busia Bear and Marcia Wines

Monrovia, Md.