Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Local Issue For Ratepayers

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Local Issue For Ratepayers

Until recently I was like many Northern Virginians who are unaware of the Atlantic Coast Pipeline and its detrimental effects on our state. This 600-mile pipeline will carry “fracked gas” from West Virginia to North Carolina, passing through our Blue Ridge Mountains — some of the most breathtakingly beautiful and oldest growth forest, despoiling it and its fish and wildlife habitats.

Dominion Power has been treating this as a “local issue” affecting only those jurisdictions it runs through. Yet we, the Dominion ratepayers are going to pay the bill for this monstrosity of last century energy technology and the irreplaceable loss of beauty in our state.

I recently went to a hearing in Union Hill, Va. on the air pollution permit for the pipeline compressor station. The station is planned for an area that is home to many African-American descendants of freed slaves and native peoples as well as Yogaville, a lovely and pristine place of healing and education. heir health and their very lives are endangered.

There is good evidence that our existing natural gas infrastructure is more than sufficient to meet expected future demand. So why do it? Consider the word “profits.”

Virginia should be a leader in renewable clean energy. At the very least we need a statewide conversation on energy infrastructure planning. Don’t let this one pass under your radar. For more information see chesapeakeclimate.org. Contact Governor Northam and your state representatives to stop this travesty.

Donna Gold