Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Someone To Trust

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Someone To Trust

As someone who has passed three score and ten, I am concerned about the quality of life here in Alexandria in the years ahead – not just for me but for all Alexandrians.

Who will lead us? Who has talent and vision?

One person I recently met with leadership qualities is Kevin Dunne, who is running for City Council. Kevin is energetic and believes that good government if it really is “good government” — whether you consider policy or practice — must be good for all parties. Good government should be transparent, growth friendly and use high-tech to make city staff more efficient. After all, the city is using our money for all of our services.

Personally, I want my tax money used to best advantage. Kevin Dunne gives me the feeling that I could trust his judgment on issues and that I could trust him with my money. I wish I felt that trust for more of the people on the present City Council.

Linda Greenberg