Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Veteran Who Supports Comstock

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Veteran Who Supports Comstock

I’d like to highlight Congresswoman Barbara Comstock's strong record of leadership: First, I'm a Cold War/Vietnam Era veteran, with a Brigadier General son in the Marine Corps Active Reserves. So I applaud Barbara's leadership and support for rebuilding our military and for getting a new Veterans Center opened in Leesburg.

President Reagan caused the Soviet Union to collapse -- without firing a shot -- because the USA had a strong economy and a strong military. Today the USA is able to negotiate from a position of strength because the tax cuts that Congresswoman Comstock voted for have created a super-strong economy and we have fully funded our military, making readiness a priority. Jennifer Wexton opposed both the tax cuts and fully funding our military.

Second, I applaud Barbara’s bipartisan legislation to remove criminal alien gang members from our country and not let them come here in the first place. They prey upon their own communities. It’s no wonder that the Police Benevolent Association and Loudoun Sheriff Chapman agree with Barbara and have endorsed her.

Third, Barbara is actually the only member of Congress in the metropolitan region who has never voted to shut down the government and she fought for and won federal pay raises for our hard-working federal employees -- reasons why the NARFE (National Active and Retired Federal Employees) PAC supports her.

Finally, on the bizarre attacks that Barbara voted for bills signed by President Trump, her opposition never tells you about those bills or that 82 percent of those votes were bipartisan! What are some of the bipartisan bills that the opposition is so upset about being signed?

They included four bills to battle the opioid crisis; several bills to fund the government and keep it open; many bills that funded our military, medical research, homeland security, our schools, and Metro; and some bills dealing with disaster relief. The banking reform bill was supported by our two Democratic senators.

Of course the opposition loves taxes and onerous government regulations, so they didn't agree with the bills she supported to cut our taxes and the bills to curb regulatory red tape. But the “resistance” represented by Jennifer Wexton says “no” to anything the President would sign. Ordinary citizens dislike mindless attacks on meaningful bipartisan legislation.

Karl Pierson

Great Falls