What’s New, Exciting in Springfield Area Schools

What’s New, Exciting in Springfield Area Schools

Principals’ Back-to-School Report.

In the first week of the new school year, The Connection asked area school principals to respond to three questions:

1 - What are the most exciting developments in your school in the new school year?

2 - What would be your, one-sentence, message to parents, community?

3 - Any upcoming events, activities?

Here are their responses:

Melaney Mackin, Ed.D., Principal, Silverbrook Elementary:

1 - Renovation of our building will begin in February 2019. The trailers to house staff and students as renovation takes place have already arrived on school grounds. We look forward to having a beautiful “new” school within the next few years.

We are excited about staff training this fall to implement new initiatives: Responsive Classroom and Project Based Learning. These programs will support the maintenance of a positive environment in our classrooms and school, as well as provide an additional approach to develop engaging lessons for students.

2 - As your children progress through school encourage their efforts to persevere when they encounter a challenging assignment or activity, for the ability to problem solve and work through new and sometimes difficult tasks will not only be of help to them as students, but will benefit them throughout their lives.

3 - Upcoming events/activities: Back to School Nights – Sept. 4 and 5; Annual Silverbrook PTO Seahawk Stomp – Friday, Oct. 19.

Michael Mukai, Principal, West Springfield High School

1 - West Springfield High School is excited to be in the final phases of the renovation. We have opened 65 new classrooms and the temporary trailer classrooms will no longer be used. We want to thank all the students, teachers, parents, and community for making West Springfield High School a top 10 school in Virginia in US News and for the Virginia Department of Education.

2 - At West Springfield we continue to Dream Big, Work Hard, and Be Proud … Spartan Strong!

3 - Our Homecoming and Hall of Fame Week will be Sept. 24 – 29, 2018. It will culminate with the Football game on Friday, Sept. 28, and the Hall of Fame Inductions on Saturday, Sept. 29.