New Parking System in Old Town Fairfax Will Help Boost Business

New Parking System in Old Town Fairfax Will Help Boost Business

Thousands of cars pass through Fairfax City’s Old Town District each week with a single goal: finding a parking space. The good news? There are scores of spaces always available within easy walking distance of businesses and restaurants. But it hasn’t always been readily apparent where those spaces are located.

Until now.

The city’s Economic Development Authority, in collaboration with its Economic Development Office and Transportation Division, is unveiling a new, state-of-the-art wayfinding signage program centered around the Old Town Fairfax parking garage. The system will immediately benefit the city’s small and large businesses alike. It goes live in September.

“We simply listened to business owners, who, in turn, receive feedback from customers,” says Christopher Bruno, the city’s director of Economic Development. “This is a terrific investment in the Old Town commercial district, and it will provide visitors and residents with enhanced signage and better directions to available parking – making shopping and visiting easier.”

Here’s how the new system will help drive visitor traffic: The signage-and-parking system uses vehicle-count sensors at parking garage entrances to supply real-time parking information for the Old Town Plaza parking garage. The system also uses directional signage identifying routes to the Old Town Plaza parking garage using a distinctive “P” parking sign with real-time parking information highlighted.

Drivers looking for parking likely won’t miss the signs; they’ll be located at both Chain Bridge Road and Sager Avenue and also North Street at University Drive.

“Our goal is to always work with business owners to streamline and enhance the way customers experience the core downtown area," said Bruno. "And this is one of the many ways we’re doing just that."