Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Vienna Public Works

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Thank You to Vienna Public Works

In this time of this great negativity, I'd like a share a feel-good story that makes me so grateful to live in this wonderful community. Earlier this winter, our mailbox had fully come off of its stand. Our temporary "fix" was to lean it up against a nearby telephone pole, until the ground thawed and my husband could replace it.

Unfortunately, the following Tuesday morning, my husband found the trash guys launching it into the garbage truck assuming it was trash. In their defense, it looked like garbage! My husband went outside and asked them if it was possible to retrieve it, which they did … but the stand of the mailbox was beyond repair. I called the town of Vienna to explain what had happened and to ask if there was anything they could do to help out with replacing the cost of the broken stand. The kind woman at the Town's Public Works office took my info and said someone would be in touch within a week's time. Not two hours later, two friendly gentleman showed up and were sinking a hole to put in a brand new stand and Mailbox -- they even came with the number stickers to affix our address on the new box. This was above and beyond anything we were expecting.

These awesome guys gratefully accepted a couple of chocolate cookies, but graciously refused any payment or further compensation. Thank you Town of Vienna Public Works for going above and beyond! Just another reason we are so thankful we landed in Vienna six years ago.

Amy Georgeadis