Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Environmental Upgrade

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Environmental Upgrade

I am writing in response to Bonnie Petry’s excellent letter about tree planting (“Improved Tree Canopy,” July 11). As a resident of the Eisenhower Valley I couldn’t agree with her more. The new trees that have been planted are a huge benefit to us in so many ways — beautification, reduced air and water pollution, increased shade and lower temperatures. Clearly city staff is knowledgeable and has been thoughtful in completing this planting.

As the city works towards achieving its goal of 40% tree canopy, large scale planting events, such as the recent effort on Eisenhower, will become key. The Eisenhower Valley is changing rapidly, with both new and redevelopment projects. Now is the time to ensure that these projects include green spaces, trees (especially native species), and areas for recreation that are accessible to all city residents and visitors.

I hope these efforts continue and the city will commit to ensuring that we all have the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of trees and native plantings across our environment.

Alexandra Bradley