Crime Report: West Springfield

Crime Report: West Springfield

West Springfield District Police Station reported the following incidents last week:


ATTEMPTED ROBBERY: 4800 block of Sideburn Road, 8/12/19, 6:30 p.m. The victim was on a walk when two women approached her and commented on her necklace. One woman grabbed the necklace and tried to forcefully remove it. The women were not successful, got into a car and left. The women are described as white, in their 40s-50s, 5’6”, heavy set with blonde hair. There is no description of the car available.


6000 block of Bonnie Bern Court, license plate from vehicle

4700 block of Catterick Court, jewelry from residence

Aug. 12


8100 block of Braddock Road, purse from vehicle

8100 block of Braddock Road, wallet from vehicle

8300 block of Carrleigh Parkway, ring from residence

6800 block of Field Master Drive, license plate from vehicle

8000 block of Grandview Court, license plate from vehicle

4500 block of John Tyler Court, dog from residence

AUG. 9


7800 block of Heritage Drive, merchandise from business

8800 block of Talbert Road, license plate from vehicle

AUG. 8


5000 block of Regina Drive, cash from vehicle

6100 block of Rolling Road, package from residence

AUG. 7


8200 block of Gunston Corner Lane, merchandise from business

7500 block of Huntsman Boulevard, wallet from vehicle

AUG. 6

ROBBERY: 8100 block of Briar Creek Drive, 8/5/19, 3:53 p.m. A woman was unloading a car in her driveway when a man approached asking for directions. The man pepper sprayed her, stole her purse and ran away. The suspect is described as black man, in his 30’s, wearing a dark colored shirt and jeans.


7500 block of Little River Turnpike, tools from vehicle

8300 block of Old Keene Mill Road, bicycle from location