Potomac Almanac Newcomers & Community Guide 2019-2020

Potomac Almanac Newcomers & Community Guide 2019-2020

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About the Potomac Almanac

As your local, weekly newspaper, the Potomac Almanac’s mission is to deliver the local news you need, to help make sense of what is happening in your community, to advocate for community good, to provide a forum for dialogue on local concerns, and to record achievements, milestones and events in the community and people’s lives.

We invite newcomers and long-time residents alike to let us know how we're doing and let us know what is going on in your part of the community. If you have questions or ideas, send us an email. We invite you to send letters to the editor or to send an email with feedback about our coverage.

We want to know if someone in your family or your community published a book, started a business, became an Eagle Scout, raised money for a good cause, accomplished some feat like running a marathon, supporting a cause or having art included in an art show. We publish photos and notes about personal milestones and community events, including births, engagements, weddings, anniversaries, awards and obituaries.

We are also interested in events at your church, mosque, synagogue, community center, pool, school, club, etc. Email us a note about the event, being sure to include when and where the photo was taken and the names of all the people who are in a photo.

We also publish notes about news and events from local businesses. Notes about openings, new employees and anniversaries are welcome. It is especially important to us to let people know about events ahead of time in our calendar of events. We appreciate getting notice at least two weeks ahead of the event, and we encourage photos.

The Almanac is one of 15 papers published by the independent, locally owned Local Media Connection LLC, serving the suburbs of Metropolitan Washington in Northern Virginia and Potomac, Md.

Our flagship paper, the Alexandria Gazette Packet, is one of the oldest continuously publishing papers in the country, beginning publication in 1784.


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— Mary Kimm