Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Defend That Bill

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Defend That Bill

Del. Paul Krizek's legislative report in your Feb. 6 edition fails to mention his co-sponsorship of a now infamous bill that would have removed almost all restrictions on late term abortions in Virginia.

By the admission of its chief sponsor, Del. Kathy Tran, House Bill No. 2491 would have allowed abortions up to the moment of a child’s birth if a single doctor determines that the birth would impair in some way the “mental or physical health” of the mother.

We wish Del. Krizek or any of the supporters of this bill would have the courage to explain why they think it is OK for the law to allow a doctor to kill a child during his/her birth. We suspect the reason no one is offering a defense of the bill is that there is no civilized defense for it. In our opinion, the killing of children by doctors in the birth canal is not OK in any society or universe. We believe the vast majority of Del. Krizek’s constituents agree with us.

Hopefully, the common sense and common decency of the people of Virginia will cool the ardor of politicians like Del. Krizek for currying favor with the abortion industry and radical elements of the progressive movement.

Speaking of "cool," in our view it is decidedly "uncool” for a politician to mislead his constituents and the local paper by omitting a key piece of information from a legislative report. Unfortunately, it is all too common in today’s political environment. Del. Krizek, you can do better than this or someone else will.

Chris and Angela Bouquet