Efforts Underway to Contain Illness Outbreak at Greenspring

Efforts Underway to Contain Illness Outbreak at Greenspring

Fairfax County Health Department issues an update.

The Fairfax County Health Department continues to monitor and work with Greenspring to institute appropriate prevention measures to stop further illnesses and those actions are having a positive result. In the assisted living and skilled nursing areas (Garden Ridge), there have been no new illnesses reported and residents who have been ill are recovering.

In the independent living section of Greenspring, which includes approximately 1,700 residents and is located in separate buildings from Garden Ridge, there is no outbreak of respiratory illness. While there is some illness in the independent living section, it is not considered to be an unexpected or unusual number of ill residents. Some illness is to be expected in a community of this size for older residents.

Because of the outbreak in the assisted living and skilled nursing sections, Greenspring has instituted enhanced surveillance for illness in the independent living areas. Infection control measures, implemented in the independent area out of abundance of caution, include temporarily stopping group activities, other than dining, and screening residents for illness as they arrive at the dining rooms. Residents have been informed of the respiratory illness in the Garden Ridge area by robo calls and on the internal website and have been asked to self-report any symptoms to the facility administration.

Independent living residents have been asked to not visit the Garden Ridge section, and to self-isolate if they are ill. Extra cleaning of high-touch surfaces and communal areas is in place.

Additional laboratory testing from CDC has not identified a specific cause for the increase in respiratory illness. Test results showed several bacteria that are known to colonize the nose and throat and may not be the cause of infection. In addition, several specimens were positive for rhinovirus, the cause of the common cold.

We will continue to monitor the situation and support the facility in its efforts to prevent further illness – said the Fairfax County Health Department press release.