Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Glass Recycling Gets Easier

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Glass Recycling Gets Easier

As a resident of Mount Vernon, I recently learned from Supervisor Dan Storck that there now is a purple can for glass recycling in the parking lot of the Mount Vernon District Government Center at 2511 Parkers Lane.

This is wonderful news and I appreciate his efforts to get this accomplished.

The location is ideal because it is co-located with or adjacent to so many other Fairfax County facilities including Whitman Middle School, the Sherwood Regional Library, the McCutcheon/Mount Vernon Farmers Market, the Mount Vernon District Police Station, and the Mount Vernon Fire Station, as well as many churches, medical offices, banks and other businesses, and residences. This should make it easy for Mount Vernon residents to drop off their glass recyclables and should not materially increase the carbon footprint associated with glass recycling.

Mount Vernon residents no longer need to make the drive to the I-95 Landfill Complex or the I-66 Transfer Station to recycle their glass. Save time and gas money by recycling your glass on the way to the library or farmers market, dropping kids off at school, shopping, or doing other errands. What a win-win situation!

Michele Aubry