Change Isn't Always Hard in Herndon

Change Isn't Always Hard in Herndon

Rave reviews for the 2019 Herndon Festival.

Saturday night at the 2019 Herndon Festival.

Saturday night at the 2019 Herndon Festival. Photo by Al Hobson


"It's nice and spacious, and we plan on coming back next year.” —Michael Brass of Reston with his wife Colleen as daughter Molly, 2, rides in the M&M racecar.


"It looks awesome. You all did an incredible job." —James Council of Great Falls with his daughter Olivia, 4, as she enjoys a snow cone.


"The secret is salt and pepper, the 24-hour marinade and the slow smoke with a hickory taste. Just call me The Pit Master." —Uncle Clyde of Tender Rib


"It's easier because of the flat ground. I was surprised about all the open space.” —Michael Kresslein of Sterling as he watches his daughters Lorelei, 9, and Langley, 6, spin round in the teacups


"The new site is a whole new operation because like we're used to just pulling cables out of Town Hall and setting up there. We rented a van for a month; equipped it with a portable AC unit and installed a mobile control room. A lot of our volunteers worked 4-6 months to pull this together." —Nancy Rose, Executive Director, Herndon Cable Television


Shane Gamble, lead singer of "Great Wide Open — The Ultimate Tom Petty Experience" performs Saturday night at the 2019 Herndon Festival.

The old saying, "Change is Hard," apparently didn't have a chance at the 2019 Herndon Festival. Moving the festival to a new location due to the pending redevelopment project of downtown Herndon, the festival, now in its 39th year, pulled up roots. Taken in by Northwest Federal Credit Union, the free 4-day festival featured two entertainment stages, carnival, business expo, Kid’s Alley with children's hands-on art and an eclectic variety of food and craft vendors.

According to patrons, vendors, volunteers and staff at the festival, the new venue, bigger and more spacious with grass and trees, proved to be better than ever.

Yes, it was different, and yes, a whole new set up had been devised and implemented, and of course, some tweaking will be required. However, the added space gave a little breathing room; visitors filled the provided entertainment seating as volunteer Mike Mcintyre said.

The midway filled with people out to enjoy the event and time with family and friends; and the 10K/5K races went on as before; courses marked through historic Herndon.

The Connection asked Festival-goers for their reactions to the new site. In the end, as Carol Wright, a volunteer said, "Herndon's heart is still at Festival."

"We were accustomed to everything over there, and it was easy. We were used to it. We will get used to the new way. It'll take a little adjusting." —Joe Spence, Equipment Manager Herndon Department of Public Works.

"I like the extra room we have here. The people are so friendly, and we look forward to coming every year." —Jerry Mathews of Tender Ribs

"The only thing I wish is to enhance the chain link fences, maybe some screen murals, art by local youth, artists, anyone. Make it look a little friendlier. Now then, there are no local restaurants for us to compete with here." —Jasmine Faubert of Optimist Club of Herndon

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