Week in Vienna

Week in Vienna

Park Authority Adds Acre to Raglan Road Park in Vienna

The Fairfax County Park Authority has added another acre to Raglan Road Park in Vienna, to help meet the future recreation needs of the growing Tysons area. The land, located at 8608 Raglan Road in the Hunter Mill District, was purchased from Dale T. Wallace, Donna M. Barnes, and Davy B. Wallace. This parcel is identified as tax map # 29-3 ((1)) 17A in the county records. The property is designated on Fairfax County’s Comprehensive Plan Map for public park use and is referenced in the Tysons Plan as the location of future recreational uses.

Hunter Mill Swimmers Narrowly Lose Season Opener

In the first meet of the Northern Virginia Swimming League season, Hunter Mill narrowly lost to Vienna Woods, with a final score of 211-209. Double winners were Adira Asner, Sydney DeLacy, Alexandria Dicks, Jacob Lucca, Elyse Rosade, and Alex Rose. Single winners were Benham Cobb, Ian Cobb, Kasra Erfani, Hunter Guthrie, Josephine Hau, Regan Hau, and Hunter Jenks. The following Hunter Mill relays also stole first place: 100 meter free for the 8 & under girls (Adrienne Jenks, Sophia Ulen, Lillian Lawson and Addy Sitta); 100 meter medley for the 9-10 girls (Skylar DeLacy, Elyse Rosade, Ivy Wirth, and Sydney DeLacy); 100 meter medley for the 11-12 boys (Hunter Guthrie, Brandon McIntyre, Alexander Rose and Kieran Kalthof); 100 meter medley relay for the 11-12 girls (Adira Asner, Elise McCulloch, Josephine Hau, and Caitlyn Crapco-Wang); 100 meter medley relay for the 13-14 boys (Kasra Erfani, Aiden O’Connor, Joey DiCintio, and Chase Bishop); 100 meter medley relay for the 15-18 boys (James Frucht, Ian Cobb, Benham Cobb, and Ethan Bean); 100 meter medley relay for the 15-18 girls (Alexandra Dicks, Regan Hau, Grace Rose, and Sarah Carmen); and the 200 meter mixed age relay for the girls (Adira Asner, Sydney DeLacy, Hannah Carmen, and Alexandra Dicks).