Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Out of Touch

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Out of Touch

In response to the opinion article by Kenneth Lourie from Feb. 27, 2019, (“The Following Is a Test,”) I find it truly sad how difficult it is to communicate with government representatives and how separated the elected officials are from the everyday person.

After all, they are supposed to be the representation of the people’s opinions and ideas. There is no real intimate relationship between

politicians and the people they represent, citizens vote for them based on a generalized platform that is displayed, but to some extent, there is no transparency in the work of politicians unless they make a major news headline. And to hear that attempts by citizens to close that gap between themselves and government officials to address concerns or share ideas is almost impossible as if politicians are trying to prevent others from reaching out is concerning. The more power that is taken out of the hands of the masses and into few, the less this country will operate as a true democracy and will instead become more centralized like other countries where citizens are blindly lead by an isolated government.

Linsey Wenk


James Madison University Freshman