Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Budget for City Libraries

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Budget for City Libraries

Alexandria is already a smart city, in the old-fashioned sense of that word — intellectually acute — but with Amazon coming to town, we'll really be called upon to put our best brain forward. So I'm sure that our mayor and council members will be vying with each other to best fund our libraries, which already shelter hundreds of intense students bent over their books, notebooks, and laptops.

These numbers can only grow with the increased demand for a well-educated workforce and with the various educational institutions that are coming online to meet it. The very best and latest books and other resources will be needed. Moreover, many of these new students will want to get to know others, for learning purposes and also to make new friends: a lot of them will be newcomers to Alexandria. For this the libraries offer attractive and comfortable concourses and even outdoor spaces like gardens; these need to be well maintained.

And for sociability as well as knowledge, nothing can beat the many activities provided by all our libraries, aimed at refreshing and exercising mind and body alike. I'm sure I speak for all Alexandrians when I urge our representatives to let their fingers hover over the "add" button when they budget for the essential services of our libraries, and let the good times roll for our brains!

Elisabeth Vodola