People At Work: A Spiritual Being from Birth

People At Work: A Spiritual Being from Birth

Alice Jones' psychic session begins with a prayer to the intermediary guides.

Alice Jones' psychic session begins with a prayer to the intermediary guides. Photo by Shirley Ruhe.

Alice Jones was born in Poland with a caul over her face when her mother's amniotic sack didn't detach. "In Polish lore that newborn person is one of great psychic ability," Jones says. "At age four I looked up in the sky and asked 'who am I and what is my purpose?' Even at age four I was a spiritual being."

Jones remembers in elementary school she had voices in her head that helped her with her homework. "I never questioned it; I thought it was normal." But it wasn't until she was in her 40s in the 1990s that "it was like a radio switch turned on and messages from God came streaming through me." She had been a real estate agent since 1973 and practicing her spirituality with friends and family but got to a crisis point and gave up real estate to pursue her spiritual self full time. "I knew I would be very sick if I didn't; I was having back pain, earaches, blinding light."

Jones begins today's session: "Molly, what is your last name? Do I have permission to say a prayer?" Jones takes Molly's hands. "I ask that Molly be taken cleaned, centered, aligned and balanced. I ask to be a clear channel of light for Molly."

Jones says, "I tap into your energy field. I sense you are very much a goal setter. You have a central plan for your life. You have a direction for your life but you are questioning."

"Hmmmmm," Molly agrees.

Jones asks how she gets her information from her guides — visions, voices? "I'm looking at your vision right now. This is a good place for you. This store is filled with spiritual things. It is revealing itself to you, very slowly so you can handle it."

"O.K." A slight smile crosses Molly's face.

"Trust what you get." Jones moves her hand across the table. "Doubt it, and you move back," as her hand moves backwards and rocks forward and back to show what happens with doubts. "Your guide will give you information; act on your information. When you started on this journey, you probably thought, 'I'm supposed to do what?' You are going to go on your journey faster because you came here. It's like you've answered the call of the spirit."

Jones asks, "Molly, do you have a question?"

Molly pauses, "I know my life's purpose but I don't know how to get there. I've had so many mystical experiences but would have questioned being here. I wonder when I'm supposed to leave the country for Asia."

Jones says, “I’m not sure I see that. You might go there for enrichment but not to live there. I see you more in the churches of southern France where miracles were performed or in the energy of the pyramids. Another thing I see in your future is the El Camino 500-mile journey. Maybe just part of it. There you're actually walking between dimensions."

Molly says, “All the time I'm gone. I travel places I've never been before. I recognize everything — definitely feel like I've been there before."

Jones says when you step out of the third dimension; all lives are being lived at the same time. There are no past lives. Everything is familiar.

"It's just a perception," Molly says. "Lately everything is so easy to penetrate."

Copies of Jones' book,"Own Your Power Day by Day" sit on the table. She says it includes 365 meditations for clearing blockages. Jones is a spiritual counselor, psychic and intuitive healer who works primarily from her home as well as Wednesday at Sacred Circle on King Street. "I follow guides that come from me, are connected to me and connected to God. Any message through me is always encouragement, love."

She remembers her Corgi barking and barking at the front door. She looked out and saw a Civil War encampment living in her front yard. She saw four foggy shadows, ghosts of Civil War soldiers. "I turned them around until they could see their light so they could move there and be released from replaying the same battle over and over."