Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Appeal Against Littering

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Appeal Against Littering

Dear World:

My name is Roya Brickhouse and I am writing because I am concerned about littering. There are several reasons why. It does not help the environment, people get sick and it hurts animals.

First, I think littering is bad because it does not help the environment. I always imagine around circle with green and blue, which represents the Earth. there's brown on it to represent littering, which there is a lot of in the world. I see a lot of it It; hurts animals, how they breathe, and how they speak to their family. Trash can destroy habitats. Plastic bags can get caught on nets and kill baby birds.

Second, people get very sick. I know you might not care where your litter ends up. But please do not litter because it doesn't help the environment and it might even destroy how you and other people live.

Roya Brickhouse


Roya Brickhouse is a second grade student at Aldrin Elementary School.