Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Shocked and Disappointed

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Shocked and Disappointed

I am writing to express my shock and great disappointment that the Great Falls Connection printed a clearly partisan letter this week from Greg Brandon (“Voices of Partisanship,” Great Falls Connection, Oct. 2-8, 2019) without mentioning that he is a former Chair of the Dranesville District Democratic Committee (2016) and former Democrat endorsed candidate for the school board (2011).This was information that I was able to find online in about 5 minutes. This opinion letter denigrated a group of hard working citizens who recently formed a grassroots organization called Voices of Fairfax.

Your editorial staff chose to lead with his letter over a significantly less partisan and certainly less mean-spirited letter from a citizen with no political aspirations or history. I also found the headlines chosen very telling.

Voices of Partisanship? Seriously? What research did your editors do to feel that this was an appropriate title? The headline for the letter below from Ms. Sinclair Dahm had a very neutral title.

Mr. Brandon was also actively involved supporting the Democratic candidates at this event. He interrupted the event to complain to the GFCA that his preferred candidates were not being given appropriate air time. He is not just a concerned dad. He is a politician and you did not alert your readers to this important fact.

I am a founding member of Voices of Fairfax and I respectfully request that I be permitted to have equal space and prominence in next week’s publication to explain why we think that our current school board is not being up front or honest about their intentions regarding school board policy 8130. There is a great story here about a non-partisan (yes, we have Democrats, Republicans, Independents and Libertarians) group of parents who felt the need to organize to get their school board to listen to them and how their videos are sparking outrage across the county.

This “equity lens” is part of a national wave that is not working out well where implemented.

Erin W. Lobato

Great Falls

Lobato was scheduled to appear on a panel in Springfield on Oct. 9: WHAT FAIRFAX COUNTY PUBLIC SCHOOL BOARD HAS IN STORE FOR YOUR CHILD. Talk will include: Topics your child will learn in FLE from Kindergarten-12th grade. Transgender policy and what situations your child could encounter. Information your child can access in the school library and other media. Discussion of the "One Fairfax" policy and how it will affect what school your child attends.