Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Murphy: Delegate Representing Shared Values

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Murphy: Delegate Representing Shared Values

Northern Virginia is the Commonwealth’s economic engine because we embrace education, welcome new people and ideas, and plan for growth. Our success did not happen overnight. Hard work and lots of time were required, and we had to quell rumors that our changing ways were wrong. Some citizens opposed change because they didn’t want to adapt, even if adapting would enable all to prosper.

Now, Fairfax County’s property values and reputation are proof that allowing the professionals to manage our county and its schools works to our benefit. Northern Virginia’s education system has drawn many of us here. Our public education system is the pride of the county and is among the best in the nation. Our children and grandchildren are accomplished and thoughtful. Professional, evidence-based educational policy-making deserves much of the credit for this.

Diversity and property values have walked hand in hand for decades in Fairfax County. We should trust our educational professionals to do their jobs and resist political interference in education.

If we are concerned for the future and property values, we should embrace, not deny, the One Fairfax Initiative which states. “Fairness is our shared value as Americans, and every child should have an equitable chance to succeed.” This simply verbalizes what makes Fairfax County the huge success that it is.

Kathleen Murphy supports One Fairfax. She stands for all that is positive about Northern Virginia as she fights in the House of Delegates for the rights of all people. We need her experience and commitment in Richmond.

Hal Donahue