Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Murphy Fights to Improve Transportation

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Murphy Fights to Improve Transportation

No one has been more active – and effective – in improving the quality of transportation in our area than Del. Kathleen Murphy. I know this first hand because as a longtime resident of McLean, my life is directly impacted by the challenges of transportation in this area.

Are all the issues solved? If you ask Del. Murphy, she can list all that has to be done. And I know she is the person to improve transportation, because she has deep knowledge of how VDOT operates and how to get other delegates to work with her to pass legislation. And, importantly, she serves on the Transportation Committee.

These are some of Del. Murphy’s accomplishments. She worked to add a lane along Balls Hill Road. She worked diligently to address the concerns of people living along Route 7. She opposed adding tolls to Route 66 inside the Beltway and will continue to fight for commuters. She has successfully fought for more funding for Metro, and continues to fight for Northern Virginia’s fair share of state transportation funding, as well as for efficient use of those funds.

It takes more than words to effect change, especially when addressing complex issues such as transportation in Northern Virginia. I know what Del. Murphy has already accomplished, and I know that she will continue to fight effectively for us.

Roxaneh Chamlou