Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Try Traffic Oversight Cadre

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Try Traffic Oversight Cadre

I have come to the realization that the Alexandria is not going to perform oversight of traffic at the very busy King and Union Street intersection. The Police Department maintains that anything they could do will not stop the phalanx of pedestrians, automobiles, motorcycles, bicyclists, skate boarders and scooters trying to cross that intersection in an orderly manner.

Since Alexandria is one of America’s finest historical cities, one would expect that the City Council would want to accommodate the thousands of tourists who patronize our businesses annually. The eventual consequence of not doing so is that visitors will have less incentive to return, once they experience the traffic situation.

Now is the time for the Old Town residents to provide citizen traffic expediters at that intersection, since the city government chooses to ignore any oversight of the King and Union intersection. The participation of citizens should be a welcome addition to doing nothing about the problem. How about it Alexandria? Let’s put together a traffic oversight cadre that can handle this task. This would be a step to solving the problem, and it might perhaps shame the city into doing its job, which is long overdue in this case.

Townsend A. “Van” Van Fleet