Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Climate Action: A Top Priority

Opinion: Letter to the Editor: Climate Action: A Top Priority

I was very interested to read about public participation in Fairfax County’s strategic planning process (“Fairfax County Long Term Plan Enters the Think Tank”). As I read through the nine areas of discussion, I noticed that every one of those areas will be impacted by climate change. For example, economic opportunity: clean energy infrastructure and emerging carbon capture technologies are just a couple of the ways that climate action can benefit our economy. Mobility and transportation: As transportation contributes to climate change, incentivizing and facilitating the use of efficient public transportation can massively affect Fairfax County’s carbon footprint. And the most obvious, health and environment: without action, extreme weather and other environmental changes will continue to make us sicker and take more lives -- of our own species and many others. I sincerely hope that as Fairfax County continues with its strategic planning process, climate change is top of mind for the planners. It’s an issue that transcends all others, and we have an opportunity to ensure that the county is on the forefront of climate mitigation and adaptation.

One way that both our elected representatives and citizens alike can do this is to learn about and support the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act (HR 763). This bill, which has been introduced in the House of Representatives, would put a price on the use of fossil fuels while returning all revenues to American families. It is an important step toward making sure that Fairfax County remains a place where all citizens can live healthy, safe, rewarding lives.

Rose Hendricks

Falls Church